Combine Air is thrilled to introduce an exciting new venture that is set to revolutionise the way we approach fitness and wellness. Say hello to Combine Air Pilates. A groundbreaking concept that seamlessly merges the benefits of Reformer Pilates with the scientifically proven advantages of high altitude training. Led by the dynamic CA x Head of Pilates, Casey Burgess. This unique fitness experience is poised to take your workouts to new heights—literally.

Soaring Above Sea Level: The Combine Air Difference

Imagine a fitness session that not only tones your body and enhances your flexibility but also takes your breath away—quite literally. Combine Air Pilates offers 50-minute Reformer Pilates sessions conducted 3,500 metres above sea level in a simulated altitude training arena. Additionally, this ingenious fusion of two powerful fitness methodologies promises an unparalleled workout that will push your limits and maximise your results.

At elevated altitude, your body faces challenges that trigger incredible physiological responses. The lower oxygen levels encourage your cardiovascular system to work harder. Resulting in increased endurance and improved lung capacity. Moreover, the altitude’s impact on the body’s metabolism amplifies the calorie-burning effects of your workout. Making every move you make more effective.

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Meet Casey Burgess: The Visionary 

At the heart of this groundbreaking endeavour is CA x Head of Pilates, Casey Burgess. An Australian actress, musician, and presenter. Casey brings her extensive experience in the entertainment industry to the realm of fitness. Her lifelong journey as a dancer and performer naturally led her to discover her passion for pilates.

With a remarkable teaching career spanning over a decade, Casey has honed her expertise in the world of pilates. Now, she’s prepared to elevate her craft to an entirely new level by introducing Reformer Pilates in a high-altitude setting. The idea of fusing the precision of pilates with the challenges of training at 3,500 metres above sea level is a true testament to Casey’s innovative spirit.

A World-First Experience: Combine Air Pilates

CA isn’t just bringing pilates to a simulated high-altitude environment; it’s leading a world-first experience that promises to reshape fitness perceptions. This fusion of science-backed altitude training with the discipline and technique of pilates holds the potential to transform the way we approach workouts. Further, CA is dedicated to crafting World Class Reformer Pilates sessions that not only strengthen and sculpt the body but also invigorate the mind.

Join the Journey: The Launch of Combine Air Pilates

Are you ready to embrace a fitness journey that challenges your body and mind in ways you’ve never imagined? Combine Air Pilates is set to launch, and the excitement is palpable. Follow us on this exhilarating venture as we unveil the world’s first CA x Pilates experience. From the intricacies of CA’s vision to the remarkable benefits of training at high altitude. 

Prepare to be amazed, exhilarated, and transformed. Combine Air Pilates is not just a workout; it’s an elevation of possibilities, a fusion of disciplines, and a testament to human innovation. Follow the launch that will take fitness to new heights, here!