We call our members ALL-STARS because that’s just how they roll! ALL-STARS play the field with integrity and no one is bigger than the game.

ALL-STARS hold their values tight like a running back in the rain and back up their words with effort and hard work. So, when life doesn’t go as planned and the world throws curve balls, ALL-STARS step up to the plate and hit home runs.

ALL-STARS play hard but play fair! Integrity is instilled in their work, even when no one is watching. Some play for fame, ALL-STARS play for the love of the game.

Never skipping bases on the way to home plate, ALL-STARS know their coach has set each play for a reason and understand the journey – game 01 doesn’t equal the season, it is a process.

At CA, we acknowledge amazing milestones achieved by our ALL-STARS. We present Club 250 jerseys to those who reach an incredible achievement of 250 sessions.

Congratulations to all of these seriously impressive ALL-STARS, we look forward to many more joining in the future …

Congrats squad!!

Mary, Claudia & Tanja | CA x Rozelle

Jerry | CA x Rozelle

Kisa | CA x Concord

Ash & Kel | CA x Concord

Alison | CA x Concord

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