Get ready for a world-class Olympic Season at Combine Air!

This 8-week training block is designed to awaken your inner athlete and elevate your performance both in and out of the training arena. With our Bronze (train x3 recover 1 weekly), Silver (train x4, recover 2  weekly), and Gold (train x5-7, recover 3 weekly) packages, the Olympic Season is all about striving for excellence and surpassing your personal bests.

Olympic Season Training Goals 

Our Olympic Season sessions will focus on hero movements that evolve in complexity to ensure weekly progression. This season, All-Stars will engage in compound movements in SUPER-FORCE and SUPER-BURN, such as back squats, with variations to help achieve their strongest squat by week 8. This will be reflected in additional areas of focused  movements including bench press to build confidence and strength in the chest and arms, as well as pull-ups and deadlifts to enhance total body strength.

Olympic Movement Heroes like power cleans and push-presses enhance explosive power while developing control in the exercise. These targeted movements will be integrated into SUPER-SWEAT and THUNDER-BOX sessions, teaching our All-Stars how to use the lower body explosively and control heavier weights, perfectly aligning with the Olympic season’s goals.

CA Conditioning workouts in META-SWEAT, META-PACER, SWIFT-BOX & MAX-AIR 60 will focus on what we do best. High energy, high heart rate and high level of fun. No session will be the same and they’ll keep the body guessing, adapting, and ready for more. The goal of the Olympic Season conditioning programming is to maximise calorie burn both on and off the field, while remaining diligent to technique and movement patterns which put our ALL-STARS at minimal risk of injury.  

Let’s not forget, all sessions at CA will be at 3500m above sea level. All those amazing training benefits amplified every minute you’re sweating inside those glass walls!

See you on the field of green!

Scott Reynolds, Head of Fitness