At CA we drop daily squad training sessions 3500m above sea level in a simulated altitude training arena. You will get a mix of strength, conditioning, boxing and hybrid training all on the Field of Green.

Each session is designed to empower ALL-STARS to live their best life on & off the field. All while you develop a passion for the game and instill teamwork, drive & individual sportsmanship – just like the pros.

You will build a strong mental resilience fueling purpose in everything you do, and drive change in & out of the CA walls!

Add the best coaches, beats and a squad that supports you 100%… you’re in for one hell of a stellar season! 


The CA Hall of Fame coaches have crafted 8 x week seasons. Which continue all year round taking our ALL-STARS’ fitness to a whole new level.

Carefully written, tested and delivered from over 50 years of undeniable science, programs are integrated into playbooks of purpose. Designed to unlock an ALL-STARS’ greatest athletic potential through effective, fun & dynamic squad-based training sessions on the daily.

The number of sets, repetitions and rest periods align with the principles of overload, progression & restoration. This is to ensure that the training formula enables ALL-STARS to train daily. Whilst continuing to experience the euphoria of positive adaptations. Add a big sprinkle of motivating teamwork and side by side friendship. You’ve got the ingredients to make legends out of anyone who walks out onto the field of green. 

Finally, the focus for each season is inspired by emotive drivers that ALL-STARS relate to both on and off the field. So, to our ALL-STARS we say, “lace em up & play!”**


Our ALL-STARS can hit the field any day of the week. In fact, there really is no right or wrong time to start. Each day and season is driven by variation in athletic & functional patterns in combination with strength, conditioning, boxing & hybrid movements. Over fortnightly rotations providing flexibility & variation in training schedules.

No day is ever the same and the changing of seasons ensures ALL-STARS experience the exhilaration of variety and innovation. While progressing in their training just like life itself.

ALL-STARS are recommended to attend 3+ sessions per week to power maximum results and elicit total body adaptations. Which can be seen to occur in as little as two weeks from the commencement of their training. 


More effective than anywhere else at sea level

CA combines the world’s most elite training technology with training programs of purpose. Additionally it creates fitness benefits that have been preserved for the elite for over 50 years.

Burn more calories every session

Further, you’ll instantly engage your stored body fat to be utilised for fuel burning more calories than any other form of sea level training! You’ll feel less hungry as the CA x Arena increases your body’s leptin levels reducing your food cravings! 

Extended afterburn on & off our fields

In addition, you’ll increase your utilisation of carbohydrates creating a higher thermal rate stabilising blood sugar levels whilst burning fuel right through to the next day. You’ll even boost your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll burn fuel, quicker & easier! 

Build greater lean muscle & strength

Futhermore, every session in the CA x Arena, you’ll build more lean muscle fibres than training anywhere at sea level. 

Enhanced athletic performance, speed & power

⬆️ Repeated sprint Efforts and Speed 

⬆️Enhanced Blood Flow

⬆️Power Output

⬆️Lactate Buffering

⬆️Aerobic & Heart Rate Recovery 

⬆️Oxygen Utilisation and V02 max 

Lastly, we know that ALL-STARS days and weeks can be jam-packed with things they can’t control, so together we keep each other hyper connected with a fitness regime that allows ALL-STARS to tap into new levels of excellence!

All we ask is that ALL-STARS put in the time, give it their best and we take care of the rest! Learn More.