As we gear up for the next season, we’re thrilled to announce a powerful collaboration aimed at elevating not just our fitness, but our overall well-being.

Joining forces with Zoe from Fika Nutrition, we’re embarking on a journey to help you make the switch to healthier habits, both inside and outside the arena.

At Combine Air, we believe in training with purpose – it’s not just about clocking in the hours, but about making every moment count towards our overall health.

That’s why the Switch Season isn’t just about hitting the weights or pounding the pavement; it’s about fostering a holistic approach to health and fitness that extends beyond the confines of the CA walls.

We asked Zoe some questions to help us navigate the switch to healthier habits:

How can making the switch to healthier habits, such as prioritising sleep, impact overall well-being and performance in both daily life and during training sessions?

Fun fact: Did you know our bodies burn calories while we sleep as our bodies recover and repair?
Getting enough sleep allows your body to recharge and replenish energy stores, leading to increased vitality and productivity throughout the day. This energy boost can translate into improved performance during training sessions, enabling you to push harder and achieve better results.
More sleep = better recovery = more energy = more out of your training sessions and life in general.

What role does fuelling correctly play in establishing sustainable habits and achieving fitness goals, and how can ALL-STARS effectively incorporate it into their routines?

Proper nutrition and eating to your calories (to match your goals), particularly adequate protein intake, is essential for muscle repair and growth. After exercise, your muscles need protein to repair micro-tears and build new muscle tissue, nutrition plays a crucial role in post-exercise recovery. Ignore this element, and you are asking for a one way ticket to burnout (and plateau!) Alongside the above, consistency is key to achieving fitness goals and any body composition goals, so, starting to fuel your body properly ensures that you have the energy and nutrients necessary to consistently engage in workouts, recover effectively, and make progress over time.

When it comes to training with purpose, what are some strategies for staying motivated and focused on long-term progress rather than short-term results?

When you shift your fitness goals from focusing on a number on the scale, & your aim is to get stronger, happier, healthier, more athletic (fitter, faster, stronger) chances are, you’ll end up losing the weight, getting fitter, building muscle & boosting your self-confidence as the byproduct anyway!
⁣Positive attitudes create positive outcomes and your happiness comes from valuing what your body can do, not a number on a scale.⁣
Have a think about your goals, are they all physical or scale related?

My challenge to you, is to come up with a couple of measurable performance based goals for this Switch Season, I promise, not only will the journey be more enjoyable, but you will have more wins along the way to celebrate too!

Could you share some insights on the importance of education and awareness around caloric intake, and how understanding this aspect of nutrition can support individuals in reaching their health and fitness goals?

Education and awareness around YOUR personal calorie intake is crucial to empower you to make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle. No more flying blind.
No more training the house down and not feeling yourself progress.
The crux of it is, your caloric (calorie) intake directly impacts weight. Your calorie intake directly impacts your muscle mass. Your calorie intake directly impacts your recovery.
Your calorie intake directly impacts your energy..
Shall I go on? ;)

How can ALL-STARS benefit from the nutritional programs you offer, and what specific steps can they take to make the switch to healthier eating habits during this Switch Season?

Nutrition, fitness and health success is about knowing what YOUR body needs to support YOUR goals.
When mapping out your game plan for this Switch Season, we factor in all facets of your health (physical, social, emotional, mental, etc.) and support you in finding the sweet spot with your diet and lifestyle, never making nutrition harder than it needs to be, because you have enough on your plate!
We tailor every package to each individual based on your unique goals and food preferences you may have. Everything we do is designed with built-in flexibility, so you don’t have to feel like you’re restricting yourself or not being able to have the things you want (correct, we won’t tell you to skip your favourite dessert or expect you to be perfect!)

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Gabby Ciaffoncini
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Gabby Ciaffoncini