Combine Air brings together some of the most dynamic brands in the fitness industry. CA x Clubs has partnered with a lineup of industry leaders, including Concept2, SMAI, Everlast, Myzone, Hyperice, Found Space, Body Science, Dyson, and Hunter Lab. These partners aim to provide ALL-STARS with state-of-the-art facilities and products, empowering them to unlock their greatness and embrace a stronger and healthier version of themselves.


Concept2: Setting the Standard for Excellence

When it comes to exercise equipment that gets your heart pumping, Concept2 is the heavyweight champion. Their top-quality rowing machines, cycling gear, and skiing products guarantee an exhilarating workout experience. With Concept2 by your side, you’ll conquer new fitness heights and revel in the triumph of every calorie burned.


SMAI: Craftsmanship that Transcends Borders

SMAI has been crafting sports supplies that have become the stuff of legends. Trusted and used by athletes worldwide, their equipment is built to withstand the most demanding challenges. SMAI will make you feel the rush of victory as you train like a true champion and surpass your personal bests.


Everlast: Embodying Strength and Authenticity

When it’s time to unleash your fighting spirit, Everlast is your cornerman. Embodying the code of authenticity, strength, dedication, and individuality, Everlast equips you with the gear of champions. From the ring to the gym, their gloves, apparel, and equipment inspire you to push boundaries and discover the champion within.


Myzone: Your Fitness Sidekick

In the game of fitness, Myzone is your trusty sidekick, cheering you on and rewarding your every move. This accurate fitness tracker and online social platform turn your workouts into epic adventures. Join forces with Myzone’s vibrant community, earn points for your efforts, and feel the exhilaration of levelling up your fitness game.


Hyperice: Unlocking Your Body’s Full Potential

Unleash your inner beast with Hyperice, the ultimate toolkit to prime your body and mind for greatness. From muscle relief to mental focus, their suite of products unlocks sore muscles, relieves tension, and helps you perform at your best. With Hyperice, you’ll rediscover the simple joy of doing what you love, without the aches and pains holding you back.


Found Space: Embracing the Power of Infrared Saunas

Ready to sweat like a boss? Found Space is here to elevate your sauna experience to new heights. As Australia and New Zealand’s favourite infrared sauna and health community, they provide a sanctuary where you can detoxify, relax, and rejuvenate. Join the crew of sweat enthusiasts and embrace the transformative power of the sauna.


Body Science: Premium Supplements for Optimal Performance

Fuel up with Body Science, the go-to destination for premium supplements. They offer a wide range of scientifically formulated products to boost your performance and help you achieve your fitness goals. With Body Science by your side, you’ll unleash your greatest potential and conquer every workout.


Dyson: Powered by Innovation

When it comes to pushing the limits of innovation, Dyson takes the lead. Dedicated to inventing machines that outperform and outlast the competition, Dyson equips CA x Clubs with cutting-edge technology to enhance your club experience. Prepare to be blown away by their exceptional products.


Hunter Lab: Redefining Skincare for All

Hunter Lab have redefined gender-inclusive skincare by combining traditional grooming practices with high-quality, natural, scientifically formulated, and sustainable ingredients. Their sleek range of face and body care products caters to the diverse needs of individuals, promoting self-care and healthy skin for everyone.

Get ready to power up your fitness journey with the explosive partnerships between CA x Clubs and these sports and wellness powerhouses. From Concept2’s triumphant workouts to Myzone’s social fitness adventures, every brand adds to your fitness routine. Together, CA x Clubs and its dynamic partners are here to inspire, motivate, and unleash the champion within you. Embrace the fusion of technology, innovation, and passion as you become a stronger, fitter, and healthier you. Let the games begin! Come experience it for yourself, here.