We’re celebrating two years in the game! It’s been two years of learning, growth and innovation. We believe great brands are about the whole experience and every touch point. Combine Air delivers a unique product that cuts through the noise, that we will never stop innovating, to ensure the best possible experience for our ALL-STARS.

What have the past 2 years looked like? Here are some of our most memorable moments,

October 2020

The official launch of Combine Air Training, where we unlocked the secrets that athletes have been using for over 50 years. Our first club, CA x Rozelle launched, delivering 50 x min squad-based training sessions on the daily in a simulated altitude training arena 3,500m above sea level!

December 2020

We officially dropped the Field of Green at Club #2 in Sydney, CA x Concord. CA brought a new kind of training to Concord, supercharging the fitness game to a whole new level.

October 2021

Lockdown had us doing things a little differently, but CA x Coaches prepared some stellar training options. Pivoting with outdoor mini squads, personal coaching and many many zoom sessions. We were seriously impressed with our ALL-STARS, as they certainly showed up! 

After many months of lockdown, we hustled back to the Field of Green in October 2021! The whole squad was very motivated for a show stopping return.

August 2022

We brought the ultimate high altitude training phenomenon to Paddington. We took things up a notch (or 3,500m) for Club #3 in Sydney.

August 2022

We introduced Combine Air Recovery, our world first, state of the art facilities to help you recover faster so you can train harder. Providing ALL-STARS access to infrared saunas, ice baths, compression therapy and salt room therapy. Located at CA x Paddington & coming soon to all CA x Clubs.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us, championing this incredible brand. Here’s to two years on this journey, we’re just getting started!

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