Our CA x Coaches and Club Managers are the face of our business and we are always looking for ways to upskill them to make our ALL-STARS experience premium and enjoyable every time they interact with CA. 

Setting ourselves up to be a leader in the fitness industry when it comes to simulated altitude training that implores us to partner with some of the best in the game, and when it comes to training and upskilling One Wellbeing and One Training are our trusted partners.


One Wellbeing creates freedom for athletes in life after sport by providing a learning support network for athletes. Over the last 10 years One Wellbeing has put over 1000 athletes through education courses. They are now one of the largest education providers for athletes in Australia. They have created our unique education pathway which provides a learning and development option for athletes of all levels and provides a clear pathway for athletes on the next step in education.

One Training empowers our community to reach heights through our unique and tailored approach to online learning. Using an education model created to disrupt the RTO space and deliver unique and engaging learning tailored to our community, they allow businesses and their staff to develop key skill sets allowing them to grow within their respective industries.


First and foremost, our purposes to empower our respective communities align. 

The partnership between CA and One Wellbeing will allow us to offer opportunities to athletes within the fitness industry that works in conjunction with their sport allowing them to both prosper on and off the field. From part-time jobs during sport, to transitioning away from sport to owning a franchise, Combine Air will have an array of opportunities for One Wellbeing Athletes. 

The partnership between CA and One Training will allow us to continuously grow the skill set of our staff and ownership group, making Combine Air Coaches, Managers and HQ staff some of the most knowledgeable and skilled individuals in the fitness industry. Our goal with this partnership is to expose as many individuals to as many opportunities for growth both personally and professionally, including our ALL-STARS. Our partnership with One Training will allow any of Combine Air ALL-STARS to access the Cert III and/or Cert IV in Fitness Training.

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