At CA, optimising performance goes beyond physical training. ALL-STARS are constantly on the lookout for innovative methods that can give them an edge. One such method that has been gaining traction is the powerful properties of natural Himalayan salt, resulting in the cutting-edge CA x Salt Therapy Rooms. These unique spaces offer more than just relaxation; they are designed to enhance lung function, improve respiratory health, and elevate athletic performance. These science-backed advantages of salt room therapy will take ALL-STARS’ performance to new heights.

CA x Salt Therapy Rooms use the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt – pure, unrefined Himalayan salt loaded with essential minerals and trace elements. This creates an environment that fosters relaxation, stress reduction, and an increase in health optimisation for athletes.

Benefits of Salt Room Therapy for ALL-STARS:


ALL-STARS are particularly susceptible to immune challenges due to intense training and competition. The anti-inflammatory properties of the salt particles contribute to a strengthened immune system, reducing the risk of infections that could hinder performance and training consistency.


Himalayan salt’s benefits extend beyond inhalation; its mineral-rich properties can also have positive effects when absorbed through the skin. In salt room therapy, the salt-infused air contributes to promoting skin rigidity. This could be particularly advantageous for individuals managing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.


Oxygen is the fuel for athletic performance. Inhaling salt-infused air can support the dilation of airways, increasing the volume of oxygen that reaches the lungs. This heightened oxygen uptake can lead to improved endurance and stamina, crucial for ALL-STARS aiming to push their limits.


For ALL-STARS, efficient breathing is paramount. The micro-sized salt particles present in CA x Salt Therapy Rooms can be a game-changer. These particles possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which may aid in clearing the respiratory system, allowing athletes to breathe more freely and deeply during training.

CA x Salt Therapy Rooms represent an exciting evolution in athletic performance enhancement. By tapping into the healing prowess of Himalayan salt and integrating it with modern design, these spaces offer ALL-STARS a unique opportunity to optimise their respiratory health, increase their lung function, and ultimately elevate their performance. 

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