What does it feel like to train in Altitude for the first time?

Training at 3,500m above sea level will elicit physiological responses, meaning your session will be a little harder than normal. You may feel more fatigued and shortness of breath in your first few sessions. Don’t worry you’ll acclimatise pretty quickly!!

PRO TIP: Eating a healthy snack 1-hour before training and drinking water to stay hydrated will allow your body to enjoy the Field of Green experience to the fullest!

How long does it take for the sessions to become easier?

Everyone is different but all bodies start adapting to new environments when exposed! Generally speaking, most of our ALL-STARS will notice the Arena getting easier by their second week of training.

PRO TIP: Training 3 x or more on a weekly basis at CA will allow your body to adapt quickly and reap the physiological benefits of training at Altitude !!

What if I’m not fit enough to train at altitude?

We have all levels of fitness training in our CA x Arenas which means if you can move, you are fit enough for us !! Our squad sessions allow our ALL-STARS to train to the best of their abilities. With the know-how and expertise of our CA x Coaches, you know you’re in for a great session every time!

PRO TIP: During your Player Profile, give your CA x Coach as much information as you wish so they can make sure you experience CA the best way possible for your fitness level and abilities!

How hard should I push during my training at CA and how can I check my heart rate and oxygen levels?

Your Coach will guide you on intensity levels throughout your sessions. It’s important to listen to the experts and science they know so well. Our SweetSpot Readers will allow you to monitor your oxygen levels in real time whilst training, which means you can adapt your intensity based on your body’s response to the session.

PRO TIP: Get a MYZONE ! They are our wearable Heart Rate monitors which are a great tool allowing you to see your heart rate, work effort and calories burnt in real time !!

How do you make the Arena at Altitude?

Outside the Arena walls, sits the Chamber. The Chamber is the heartbeat of CA x Clubs and creates  the magic at 3,500m above sea level.

The Science: A large compressor, with the help of a hospital grade filtration system creates a hypoxic environment by pumping nitrogen into the CA x Arena, this reduces the percentage of oxygen in the air which inturn reduces the blood oxygen saturation levels for anyone training in the CA x Arena, stimulating a range of physiological adaptations only possible in Altitude.

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