This year, it’s time to put you first!

Kicking off the new year is always a great time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. It’s the time to get inspired, start fresh, set goals and make changes for the better. Whatever your goal is – the important thing is that you set your sights to achieve it.

We asked our CA x Community what they want to focus on this year,

I want to be the woman that I want my kids to be, really strong and resilient.

Lauren | CA x ALL-STAR

Be more present as a parent.

Dasha | CA x Coach

To train at Combine Air 3 times a week!


To play more guitar.

Dylan | CA x TEAM

To get off social media.


To not wear any make up for the whole year.

Becky | CA x ALL-STAR

Need a little help planning for the year ahead? CA x Clubs are offering complimentary goal setting appointments with your CA x Coach. Contact your club to book.