The CA x Hall of Fame coaches have crafted 8 x week seasons that continue all year round taking our ALL-STARS’ fitness to a whole new level. Carefully written, tested and delivered from over 50 years of undeniable science, programs are integrated into playbooks of purpose. Designed to unlock an ALL-STARS’ greatest athletic potential. 

To celebrate Pride month, CA is proud to present our Pride Season. A season dedicated to celebrate all cultures, all genders, all sexualities, all colours, all ages and all religions. No matter your identity, no matter your background, CA proudly welcomes you. 

This season we asked our CA x Coaches & CA x ALL-STARS why they are proud to be a part of CA,

So I’ve been a coach for 13 years. All different gyms all around Sydney. Been at CA for up to two years now and the reason I love CA and I’m proud of CA is the difference we make in the members. They come in a little bit nervous, not sure about training at altitude, what it can do to them, and then the results speak for themselves. And seeing their change, it makes me so proud.

Nathan | CA x Coach

I’ve been training at Combine Air for about one and a half years. I am proud to be a CA x ALL-STAR because of the inclusion they give you, the support. You’ve got a lot of people from different backgrounds, different jobs, you know, different sexualities too. We’re all here to train hard at the end of the day, all here to have fun, and I think that’s definitely kudos to the fantastic coaches that run the place.

Rory | CA x ALL-STAR

What makes CA amazing is just the people. We’re a really good community, have a lot of fun, train hard and there’s all different kinds of people, all different fitness levels. You know, everyday we get together, have some fun. The coaches here are awesome. They get to know every single one of us, they know when we’re slacking off a little bit, they know when to push harder and they’re just always there to support us through every session.

Renee | CA x ALL-STAR

Community at CA is fabulous. It’s so much fun and everybody who comes here is lovely. We all chat and it’s – it’s a good vibe. Coming here with my daughter and her boyfriend we just have so much fun. We have our little team and you know, we push each other and it’s, it’s the best thing. That’s why I keep coming back, I mean you can’t exercise if it’s not fun.

Thea | CA x ALL-STAR

I’m really proud to be a CA x ALL-STAR. First of all, it’s my personal pride to be able to commit. To be honest, it hasn’t been hard because the training is really fun, it’s a really flexible schedule. For me, being a full time working mum of two kids, it’s important to have availability during the day, in the morning, after work hours and also weekends. My last child is only two years old, so I struggled for some time to get back in shape. Only being in CA for a few months, showing great results for me.

Oxana | CA x ALL-STAR

I’ve been training at CA for a year now. I feel comfortable training here because everyone is of all body types and all the sessions are super fun and the coaches are great. We all come from different walks of life, we’re all different ages, it keeps it interesting and we’re always having a good time.

Zanzi | CA x ALL-STAR

I’ve been training at CA now for 12 months. When I first started, I was a bit hesitant, a little bit reserved, but once I actually came in, I realised how fun it was, how easy it is. The community is so supportive. I was kind of motivated by other people, people were pushing me along. You just have to show up, the timer’s on and you start and you’ve got the support from everybody. I’m so proud to be a CA x ALL-STAR.

Nadim | CA x ALL-STAR

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