The CA x Hall of Fame coaches have crafted 8 x week seasons that continue all year round taking our ALL-STARS’ fitness to a whole new level.

Carefully written, tested and delivered from over 50 years of undeniable science, programs are integrated into playbooks of purpose. Designed to unlock an ALL-STARS’ greatest athletic potential through effective, fun & dynamic squad- based training sessions on the daily.

The number of sets, repetitions and rest periods align with the principles of overload, progression & restoration. This is to ensure that the training formula enables ALL-STARS to train daily whilst continuing to experience the euphoria of positive adaptations. Add a big sprinkle of motivating teamwork and side by side friendship and you’ve got the ingredients to make legends out of anyone who walks out onto the field of green. So, to our ALL-STARS we say, “lace em up & let’s take a look at the line-up!”**

The Pre-Season | Week: 1-2

This is where the fun begins & nothing stops an ALL-STAR from crushing it. The Pre-Season that is.

The Pre-Season is where the ALL-STARS will rise to the occasion! It’s a time for coaches to prime, prepare & condition ALL-STARS for the physical and mental demands of the season putting all but “money in the bank.” ALL-STARS build strong fitness foundations and are taken through the training principles that accelerate physiological adaptations within the CA x Arena.

Coaches teach movement, technique, mentality & the CA philosophy whilst building a strong relationship with ALL-STARS to unify the end goal! They drive consistency in the first two weeks teaching the squad to approach the season with a practice mentality that will provide the basis for further development leading into what will be, “one hell of a season!”

The Kick-Off | Week: 3

Just like a good old-fashioned defensive showdown, the Kick-Off season begins with a bang! Reaching new almighty heights, ALL-STARS hold the line as coaches introduce all out efforts with high reps coupled with higher intensities. Working those lungs to some serious capacity, ALL-STARS discover new athletic potentials transforming them into fitness engines! With a clear focus in each session, ALL-STARS begin to boost their sharpness ensuring old ways don’t slip back into their daily plays! Coaches start to experience the squad shaping into their finest as they become resilient and display the will to win.

Switching beast mode on, ALL-STARS combat aerobic and anaerobic thresholds that would once slow them down at sea level. As they side swipe any signs of fatigue, ALL-STARS begin to boost their fitness capacities all whilst leaving the field with a smile as they head into the In–Season.

The In-Season | Week: 4-7

The wait is finally over! The In-Season is where the ALL-STARS ditch the rules and make their own unleashing their inner athletes and slicing through the field with endless potential!

Adaptations accelerate as ALL-STARS box to their best, hit the line like a running back and step up to the total body conditioning just like a true champion.

ALL-STARS take their training to the red line of limits in the most dominant four weeks of the season as they continue to build lean muscle, embracing the hypoxic environment, burn more cals, & increase their after burn by up to 300%!

These four weeks of domination will see ALL-STARS not only sleep better but tap into a natural state of mind that never felt so damn good! 

The Finals | Week: 8

ALL-STARS hit the field of green for an all out stellar Final Season! Nothing short of a breath, ALL-STARS accelerate through the final week with more passion and speed than ever before! Pushing limits of strength and power whilst under some serious fatigue, ALL-STARS create seasonal impact on and off the field!

They push some pace, shift some speed & max out their power game, housing exercise movements that accelerate the mind muscle connection from zero to all out – real quick! And whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, ALL-STARS will set the tone like some of the most conditioned athletes on the planet.

Each ALL-STAR takes a dance in the shoes of a heavy weight slugger, a pro that drips swag not only going the distance, but the extra mile too!

Each season rolls straight into the next, so no matter when an ALL-STAR begins their journey at CA, they don’t miss a beat!

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