We were so proud to host our first Harding Miller Education Foundation Fundraising Night Out. The Harding Miller Education Foundation is an Australian charity that supports high potential but socio-economically disadvantaged girls across Australia through high school scholarships.

This year for International Women’s Day, we hosted a scholarship fundraising event on the 18th of March at the Royal Oak Balmain where we invited members and friends along for a night of food and drink, light entertainment and a silent auction. 

The evening sponsored two bright, hard-working young women and gave them the tools and resources needed to not only complete high school but to reach their potential and build pathways for their future.

Scholarship Recipient Introduction

Indigo Leppala

Year 9 in 2023

Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus NSW

Indigo attends Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus in NSW. The highest qualification in her family is a diploma. She lives in Pyrmont, a metropolitan suburb in NSW with her mother. She would like to attend university when she finishes school and is interested in pursuing a career in medicine or forensics. 

Principal Quote

Indigo has demonstrated outstanding resilience and leadership skills when taking on challenging problems and projects. She is highly creative and works to solve many problems using a variety of technologies or strategies that she has recently learned. Indigo is always open to feedback and uses that feedback to improve her ideas. She is curious, picks up complex ideas quickly and is always asking questions to improve her understanding.

Indigo’s 2023 Goals

  • Get Straight A’s
  • Get a perfect mark on an exam
  • Become the top in my class overall for the whole year

Why Indigo received the Scholarship

Indigo’s grades are exemplary, and there is consistent acknowledgement from her teachers of excellent behaviour and attitude. What Indigo Leppala has been able to achieve scholastically without consistent support financially or emotionally is extraordinary. Indigo experiences a challenging home life, in which she must provide significant care to her single parent with a serious health issue. The family survives on the disability pension, which allows for few treats let alone basic needs. 

Aishani Deo

Year 9 in 2023

Strathfield Girls High School NSW

Aishani attends Strathfield Girls High School in NSW. She is from a non-English speaking background and speaks English and Hindi. The highest qualification in her family is a masters degree. She lives in Homebush, a metropolitan suburb in NSW with her mother, father, older sister and younger sister. Aishani would like to attend university when she finishes school and is interested in pursuing a career in the health and medical field. 

Principal Quote

Aishani is a hardworking student who has achieved a high result in most of her subjects. She has a positive attitude to her studies and works consistently in class. Aishani is congratulated for her strong work ethic and focused approach towards learning. She also actively participates in extracurricular activities. Aishani has applied herself enthusiastically to both her academic and school life and I fully endorse this application. 

Aishani’s 2023 Goals

  • Get an A in English and science
  • Read Hindi fluently, write and speak it
  • Improve my focus on my studies

Why Aishani received the Scholarship

Aishani has strong academic potential, her results are well above national and school average. She comes from a single low income family as her father is unable to work due to a medical condition. Aishani also has a younger sibling with a disability and money is extremely tight. 

Thank You

It was a beautiful night to celebrate, connect, educate and give back to our partners at the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

A very special thank you to our speakers, 

Cara Varian, HMEF Managing Director

Julina Lim, HMEF Alumni

Alison McGirr, CA x ALL-STAR and Franchisee

Peter Hickey, CA x Managing Director

Furthermore, an enormous thank you to our partners and community for some EPIC silent auction items,

Found Space



Body Science

Hunter Lab

Nude by Nature


Boobs on the Run

West Tigers


Lastly, of course to our ALL-STARS, as we couldn’t do it without you. Together we raised an amazing 


This money raised will go towards the sponsorship of these high potential girls in the community. These funds will change these girls’ lives in overcoming hardship to achieve their academic potential and to build a prosperous and successful career. 

For more info on HMEF, check out Harding Miller Education Foundation.

Again, A BIG thank you to all, and we’ll see you next year.