Let’s Make Things Happen

Say hello to Toby, a passionate and ambitious force hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. This young gun is ready to make some coaching magic happen. Armed with a BSc in Sports Coaching, Toby’s got the playbook to bring out the best in ALL-STARS. He’s danced in the ring himself, mastering the art of kickboxing and knowing what it takes to be a true warrior. Now, he is ready to take on a new challenge as he moves to Sydney to assume the role of Head Coach. Get ready to witness Toby’s infectious energy, cheeky charm, and mind-blowing coaching skills as he unleashes a wave of excitement on the Field of Green. Paddington, get your dukes up, because Toby’s about to show you what it means to kick, punch, and coach like a true champion!

“Join the altitude training revolution at Combine Air. Here, in our unique simulated 3,500m environment, we’re not just building bodies; we’re creating ALL-STARS. Every training session is a climb towards your fitness summit, a quest to unlock the boundless potential within you. So gear up, embrace the challenge, and conquer your goals with us.”


CA x Coach