Let’s Make Things Happen

Scotty’s been a member of the mile-high club for over 5+ years now, being one of the O.G Coach’s in Simulated Altitude Training in Oz & the mecca wellness benefits of altitude training are in his blood – literally!

Scott is the Mastermind behind your CA Sessions, so if you ever see him on your home field be sure to book yourself in because it’s going to be one hell of a session.

“Every day at Combine Air, we witness the extraordinary transformation of ALL-STARS rising from a sweat-drenched, 3,500m simulated altitude training session, unlocking untapped grit and determination. My passion is people & coaching – Seeing the ALL-STARS train in the CA x Arena using technology that was only once for the crème de la crème of professional athletes, it’s what keeps me excited & looking so young and handsome. Now, we’re pushing the envelope further with Combine Air Recovery, a sanctuary of infrared saunas, ice baths, compression, and salt room therapies to refuel, replenish, and accelerate your recovery. We’re also introducing Combine Air Pilates, a 50-minute reformer Pilates session 3,500m above sea level, combining the grace of Pilates with the endurance of high-altitude training. At Combine Air, we’re not just about reaching the summit; we’re about broadening horizons and reshaping possibilities, making every heartbeat a step towards conquering your goals.”


CA x Head of Fitness | Concord