Let’s Make Things Happen

Nath is one of Australia’s OG Altitude Trainers!!

Like a true coach Nath holds his standards high & those of CA x ALL-STARS even higher. Nath’s hit rep level in both rugby league and surf lifesaving, unfortunately due to a nasty injury requiring brain surgery “yes there is a brain in that melon,” his home field is CA x Concord. Nath’s sessions in the Arena are infectious and he’ll have you booking them in back 2 back.

“My favourite CA session would easily be Swift-Box. It’s a good mix of speed, agility and power punching.” On the weekends you’ll find Nath helping out at Southern Power AFL Club or down at the beach.

“At Combine Air, we embrace the power and challenge of altitude training. Each breath, each stride, each rep in our simulated 3,500m environment brings you closer to your peak potential. This is not just a workout; it’s a transformative experience that moulds you into a stronger, more resilient version of yourself, an ALL-STAR. Join us and experience the thrill of scaling your personal Everest.”


CA x Coach | Rozelle