Let’s Make Things Happen

Kelsea is a qualified Chiropractor whose fitness journey has taken her from being a dedicated ALL-STAR to becoming an invaluable CA x Coach to our community. With her extensive knowledge in chiropractic care, she brings a unique perspective to her training approach. Kelsea’s passion for fitness and her commitment to helping others shines through her online presence, with over 100k followers eagerly following her every move. What sets Kelsea apart is her exceptional attention to detail and technical expertise. She has a keen eye for form corrections and adaptations, ensuring that each movement is performed with precision and safety. Whether you’re seeking guidance on proper technique or looking to optimise your training routine, Kelsea’s got your back (literally!)

“Join the altitude training revolution at Combine Air. Here, in our unique simulated 3,500m environment, we’re not just building bodies; we’re creating ALL-STARS. Every training session is a climb towards your fitness summit, a quest to unlock the boundless potential within you. So gear up, embrace the challenge, and conquer your goals with us.”


CA x Coach