Let’s Make Things Happen

Meet Amanda, a dynamic firecracker originally from Western Australia. With a rich and varied background spanning culinary arts, counselling, and personal training, Amanda’s journey has been defined by her unwavering curiosity and versatility. As she transitioned into the realm of personal training, her commitment and hard work propelled her through the ranks, allowing her to gain comprehensive experience across various roles within fitness facilities. Today, Amanda stands as the Club Manager at CA x The Shire, a testament to her dedication and leadership. Her genuine enthusiasm for both her team and the ALL-STARS shines through, as she tirelessly works to inspire and uplift those around her. Amanda’s unyielding dedication to unlocking the potential of each ALL-STAR is mirrored in her wholehearted support for her team’s growth. Beyond her professional life, Amanda finds joy in her passions—whether it’s cheering on her favourite NRL team, immersing herself in a captivating book, basking at the beach, or exploring the depths through scuba diving adventures. With her approachable demeanour and extensive knowledge, she’s the go-to for anything around the club, making her an indispensable asset to the CA x The Shire community.

“Join the altitude training revolution at Combine Air. Here, in our unique simulated 3,500m environment, we’re not just building bodies; we’re creating ALL-STARS. Every training session is a climb towards your fitness summit, a quest to unlock the boundless potential within you. So gear up, embrace the challenge, and conquer your goals with us.”


CA x Club Manager