Let’s Make Things Happen

Adrian is a heavy hitter and packs the hardware to prove it! 5 x State and National Champ with 2 World Championships under his belt in Karate, one could say he’s the Karate Kid from Down Under ! “Being able to help ALL-STARS achieve their goals on the field of Green is key for how they take on life challenges”
Translating his success in his sport to a career, Adrian holds a Bachelor of Sports Science and his knowledge doesn’t go unnoticed!

“There’s no other feeling like watching an ALL-STAR emerge from the fog of a 3,500m simulated altitude session, sweat drenched but grinning ear to ear. It’s not just about the impressive physical gains you’ll make – though believe me, they’re real – it’s about tapping into a grit and determination you never knew you had. It’s about finding your edge and pushing past it, day in and day out. Welcome to Combine Air, where every workout is a step towards conquering your personal Everest.”


CA x Coach | Rozelle